Nasher Miles
Travel in Style!

A new-age digital-first brand, committed to make travel easy, efficient and tasteful for you.
We realized how monotonous every bag looked, this seemed like an opportunity to break clutter and led to the creation of a brand that is driven by nothing but innovation. Every single piece created at Nasher Miles is designed and engineered to set you apart.

Scope of work :
‣ 3 Launch CGI videos
‣ Adapting Original Videos for Social Media, Ads & Promotions

Credits :
Client - Nasher Miles
Agency - ButterWorks


So, ButterWorks Agency reached out to me for a quick gig – 3 Launch CGI videos for Nasher Miles.

The catch? I had just one day to pull it off – from creating slates to animating and rendering.
Armed with only high-res product pics, I went old school: 2D animation in After Effects, spiced up with some Photoshop magic for killer colors.

And voila, the results were pretty darn awesome! Scroll down for a peek behind the scenes and some cool tweaked versions we cooked up for Ads, Social Media and Promotions.
Fast and fun – just the way we like it!


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Big thanks to Nasher Miles, ButterWorks and the whole team for the successful collaboration on this project. Grateful for the opportunity!

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