Camera Shy - A Gen-Z fashion startup redefining style with trendy T-shirts and jeans.

Embark on a visual journey with Camera Shy, a dynamic startup crafting apparel tailored for the vibrant Gen-Z community. Our project centered around creating a captivating launch campaign with a focus on T-shirts, jeans, and other trendsetting apparel. The objective was to curate visuals that seamlessly fuse quirkiness and minimalism to resonate with the target audience.

The challenge? Crafting visuals that are not just eye-catching but also possess that 'wow' factor necessary for a stellar launch on social media platforms along side with website, tote bags and clothes label. Our approach was intentionally playful, incorporating "funky visuals" that transcend the ordinary. Minimal text was utilized to let the imagery speak volumes, ensuring the brand's identity stood out with simplicity and sophistication.

This project unfolds as a launch grid, strategically designed to capture attention and curiosity. Each visual is a testament to Camera Shy's commitment to uniqueness and trendsetting, which can also be seen in other parts of their branding, setting the stage for a brand that's as bold and diverse as the Gen-Z audience it caters to.
Client: Camera Shy
Brand Agency: ButterWorks
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Big thanks to Camera Shy, ButterWorks and the whole team for the successful collaboration on this project. Grateful for the opportunity!

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